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NOW COMES WITH VERSION 2 for Construct 3!!

2 new projects

  • Instructions for update
  • Textured floors and ceilings
  • Mouse Lock
  • Emitter object
  • Hi res mode (twice the lines)
  • Faster rendering! 
  • Weapons and weapon switching including melee (punch)
  • Blood splatters More assets... and so much more!


  • Fully documented game template to make your own 3d ray-casting games in Construct 2 with no 3d plugins!
  • Comes with Ready-to-build Construct 3 c3p project as well.

6 fully commented and documented capx projects to start from.

REQUIRES the full version of Construct 2 or Construct 3 available here:


Requires Simple Mouse Lock plugin available free here:



With the barebones template:

Easily edit your 2d map with wall objects to create any level layout you want

  • Walls can be any angle and even different heights
  • Add your own wall textures and custom objects
  • Add dynamic lighting to your levels with light objects
  • Standard FPS controls including a limited ability to look up and down
  • Built-in simple AI for enemies to follow and shoot at the player
  • Player health meter, HUD and simple FPS shooting
  • Doors can require a key
  • Solid color floor and ceiling or solid floor and scrolling open sky for outdoor areas

Zones for changing music, lighting, floor and ceiling, or teleporting the player, triggering events

  • Special Wall3dF objects allow for some walls to have windows or transparent areas
  • Objects can be always facing the player, pseudo-facing a certain direction or appear fully 3d with point-of-view frames

How-to videos

  • How to make a ray casting game from scratch (2 videos)
  • How the Mummy Temple demo works, how to add textures, objects, weapons (2 videos)
  • I take you from a blank Construct 2 project to a textured ray casting fps walk-thru and explain how each step works.
  • 26-page document on how to use the bare bones ray casting template to make your own games.
  • Use the template, projects, media to make your own SINGLE commercial or UNLIMITED non commercial projects.


Buy Now$18.49 USD or more

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