Deadwood Hotel prototype.  Zombie shooting demo.

Done entirely in Construct 2 with no 3d plugins. It's all ray casting (except the floor and ceiling which are done with a mode 7 gl effect

Typical fps controls.

ASDW move,  Mouse look and turn.  Click the screen to activate mouselock.

F to activate flashlight

Mouse wheel to select gun or fist.  You get more ammo from subsequent guns.  After level 1, guns and health appear at random so you have to go find them.  Hedshots count.

Mainly this is a tech demo to show what can be done with just Construct 2.  Enjoy!


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I actually got scared quite a lot from the zombies! very fun and a blast to play!



no problem!

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To make your own ray-casting game in #Construct2 I took a lot of the work off your hands with this template available at the Scirra store.


This is exactly what folks said was impossible with Construct 2 only a couple years ago, now here we are! Extremely impressive work!


Fun! The old film effect adds some nice atmosphere. Really nice that it was all done in C2.