Small fix just made every 5th level a wide open dungeon with more altars.  These are going to have more npc/npc combat and more unavoidable monster contact so be ready.

Added some music and some player sounds.  Still more to go.  Press E to go upstairs instead of just going on-hit... coats are better but wear out when they get hit.  Undead give more ep.   Various fixes....

Turncoat Tomb

v1.0.0.1  Little more balance and some mistakes fixed.   Blob mouths were too tough.  You now get EP from dropping gold in the grey altars. 


Around the levels there are coats.  When you get one you can switch to it and those monsters will leave you alone.  There are different colored altars that push out monsters.  Grey altars give you weapons and health when you put gold in them. 

Other colored altars accept donations in exchange for that color hating you less.  When you drop gold in them (10gp at a time) a number form 1-10 floats out indicating their animosity toward you (whatever color coat you're wearing).

You can get rid of your weapons by dragging and dropping them from the hud.  Keep getting better weapons they get better as you go up floors.

The crypt altars will give you nothing but pain and they will always hate all life. But they'll take your gold anyhow and who knows?  Maybe they will ask you join them. There's a slight chance you'll get the shadow coat which is awesome.

It's played entirely with the A S D W keys for direction.   Mouse click on coats and weapons to equip them.

Once you're dead, the game reloads.  

Sometimes it's hard as... well it's a Roguelike that's for sure!

Published 11 days ago
Release date 12 days ago
GenreRole Playing
TagsSeven Day Roguelike Challenge, rogue, Roguelike

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