A S D W or ARROW keys for direction movement / combat / tything at altars.  
E to go up stairs  R to rest, space to rest 1 turn.   R will automatically stop resting if any monsters are near so there's no danger in using it.

 Mouse click on coats and weapons in the HUD to equip them.  Drag weapons and coats out of their boxes in the HUD to un-equip.  

Zoom in and out with the mouse wheel

You can't unequip the grey coat (or your hands) but you can get a new one and all coats wear down as they get hit providing less protection as the number gets lower. Weapons now wear down too.

Stand beside or below (not above) grey altars to offer gold in exchange for experience points and weapons.  These get better the higher up in the tomb you get.  Don't donate to an altar if there's a monster above it because the monster will take the gold.   Monsters can pick up gold. 

Monsters of your own color can't hurt you.  You can swap coats as you get them by clicking on them with the mouse.

Survival tips:

Turn to a color that a monster hates, lead it into a room of hostile monsters, then turn back to that first monster's color.  You can get opposing monsters together and they'll fight for you.   

You get experience for all monster-on-monster combat.  If your color monsters get a kill you get full ep.  1/2 ep for all other monster kills.  More violence on the level= faster level up for you!  This means if you're wearing a yellow coat and a yellow monster kills something, you get the same EP as if you killed it.  If a blue monster kills a red monster (for example) and you have some other color coat on, you get 1/2 EP.

Turncoat Tomb is all about getting monsters to fight each other instead of you.  

Don't be too brave early on.  Before you have any real weapons or coats you're pretty vulnerable to even the lowly chomp monsters.  You should probably steer clear of undead if you're not armed well.   The undead corpses of the tomb are tougher and more deadly than the rest of the monsters.

Tything at colored tombs makes them hate whichever color you are wearing less.  It's a good idea to turn to your grey coat and at some point make all the monsters less hateful toward grey.

Never think a skeleton warrior or lich can't kill you in one or two turns.  They often can.  Hunters (the lizard like monsters) are very dangerous too.  Treat them with care.

The lich's life drain attack takes down your max HP and your EP.  So it's pretty nasty
The Red caster's fire attack sets you on fire for a few turns causing residual damage and will burn webs.

The Green caster's poison attack does residual damage.

Yellow caster is tougher against undead
Blue caster casts lightning which can damage you and other nearby creatures.
Spider web damages you and holds you for a few turns.

Once you're dead, the game reloads.  

Around the levels there are coats.  When you get one you can switch to it and those monsters will leave you alone.  There are different colored altars that push out monsters.  Grey altars give you weapons and health when you put gold in them.   Other colored altars accept donations in exchange for that color hating you less.  When you drop gold in them (10gp at a time) a number form 1-10 floats out indicating their animosity toward you (whatever color coat you're wearing).

You can get rid of your weapons by dragging and dropping them from the hud.  Keep getting better weapons they get better as you go up floors. The crypt altars will give you nothing but pain and they will always hate all life. But they'll take your gold anyhow and who knows?  Maybe they will ask you join them. There's a slight chance you'll get the shadow coat which is awesome.

Sometimes it's hard as... well it's a Roguelike that's for sure!


Bug fix patch:

  • Fixed major bug with Hold and zap spells. 
  • Player won't be stopped/held when shouldn't be
  • Light / line of sight updates much faster so no delay


  • Fixed coat bug
  • Weapons wear down 
  • Space just rests 1 turn
  • Hold R key to rest fast.  Will stop automatically if monsters are near
  • Start with basic cheap sword
  • You now get ep no matter who kills whom.  More if it's your color getting the kills.
  • 1/2 ep for all other monster-on-monster kills
  • Other minor fixes and changes...

coat was going into the weapons slot sometimes.  I think this fixes it...


Bug fix release:

  • Weird teleport-switching places with spider when in web. 
  • Grey coats went in the wrong hud spot and couldn't be moved (might still be there)
  • Hold and Web effects now work properly (I think)


  • Less time between runs
  • Can now discard coats (except the grey coat)
  • Friendly monsters no longer block the player
  • 1/2 Experience points for friendly monster kills! You get ep for their kills
  • Some combat sounds
  • Got rid of unused sounds
  • Faster beginning spin
  • Weird bug where it sometimes gives you a sword at the beginning?  Left in.

Update (not numbered yet) 

  • Lightning now strikes and splits to hit nearby creatures of the same color as the target.
  • Fixed bug with distance attacks
  • Adjusted 3D map rotate effect so zorder works no matter what the layout orientation.

    **Major Update***

  • 3d spin effect (can spin with middle button)  I'll be working more on this but it's just  to give it a more unique look.  Tilts depending on what side of the dungeon you're on.
  • Fire, electricity, poison, life drain, web, and critical hit (for swords) effects added and implemented including interactions with each other.
  • More balance tweaks.  Monsters now can hit you (basically a natural 20) even if the AC is above their to hit.  Some are nerfed a bit.
  • updated hud to show "To Hit" and "Damage"
  • Added some hidden coat bonuses
  • Creepy fog from undead crypt altars.
  • Spider sprite is updated with bigger body

  • Added uberdroidgames.com and my name to HUD because I'm starting to see the game pop up in foreign game sites.  
  • Made dying a little more fun with a slow zoom out and rotate the map effect
  • Couple of AI tweeks.
  • Added internal projectile weapons but not yet implemented
  • Added death music too

Major update Much more playable and closer to my original vision:

  • Some AI fixes:  Monsters will target each other now based on distance as well as faction hate. 
  • Some other AI improvements.  
  • Better balance, cheaper starting weapons.
  • Friendly Monster Banter system.   They'll talk to you if they're your color.
  • Click start instead of pressing space to start game.  
  • Holding space will now speed rest (but it's dangerous if there are monsters around).   
  • Fixed minor bug with Armor
  • Grey Armor re spawns eventually at a grey temple when lost (untested)
  • New title screen

Small fix just made every 5th level a wide open dungeon with more altars.  These are going to have more npc/npc combat and more unavoidable monster contact so be ready.

Added some music and some player sounds.  Still more to go.  Press E to go upstairs instead of just going on-hit... coats are better but wear out when they get hit.  Undead give more ep.   Various fixes....

Turncoat Tomb

v1.0.0.1  Little more balance and some mistakes fixed.   Blob mouths were too tough.  You now get EP from dropping gold in the grey altars. 


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